greaser_doll56 (greaser_doll56) wrote in psycho_dolls,


Name or nick name: Dollie
AGE: 17
Some of the bands you like: Social Distortion, Go Cat Go, Three bad jacks, Calavera, Moonlight crusiers, Devil doll,and more
Fave songs: Love them all
Why you want to join this community: To meet new people
Why are you proud to be a psycho doll?: becuase it is who I am!!
Anything else you would like to share about yourself!: Nope
Post a pic of yourself(Optional):
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this community's pretty much dead.
check out hellboundvixens & psycho_bitches !
They've faded out. but Im gonna try and get 'em hoppin' again.

but welcome anyway! ♥