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This is not a rating Community. This Community is Girls even guys if they like as long as they are into psychobilly, rockabilly and Punk rock and whateevr else you are into but the main reason i created this community is for us chicks that luv MUSIC!! We can share our thoughts and opinions about music, fashion, styles, movies and whatever else we are interested in! you name it!! I really dont think their should be any stupid rules the only i guess "so called" RULES i ask for are the 4 listed below but most of all HAVE FUN!! Please fill the APPLICATION out!

1.PLEASE No trash talking what so ever!
2. No racism
3.BE NICE TO EACHOTHER!! remember all us psycho dolls gotta unite!!
4.HAVE FUN!!!!

Name or nick name:
Some of the bands you like:
Fave songs:
Why you want to join this community:
Why are you proud to be a psycho doll?:
Fave live act:
Anything else you would like to share about yourself!:
Post a pic of yourself(Optional):


Psycho Dolls

Psycho Dolls

*cherrys, *creepers, *dancing, *elvis, *flattops, *geetar, *horrorpops, *my friends, *nekromantix, *poka dot dresses, *pompadores, *psychobilly, *punk, *rockabilly, *stilletos, *tiger army, *vinyl clothing, 12 step rebels, 1950's, corsetts, demented are go, fishnet stalkings, going to shows!, hott purses, music in general, pompadores, psycho/greaser boys, red lipstick, rockin bobmshells, song writing, subculture, the color red, unique hair, upright bass, vintage clothing